Friday, May 24, 2013

Fallout Friday: Tattoo Edition

I dig tattoos. I dig Fallout. They are, however, two great tastes that don't always taste great together. I scoured the interwebs for some awesome Fallout ink and I was not disappointed. Vault Boy appears to the the tat of choince for FO fans, but the BOS and ED-E make an appearance or two. I like most of the tattoos in the following photos...although the placement of some of them is questionable. Enjoy!

This chick's hot, so you get two of her.

I'd like this one more without the red background.


Glad ED-E is getting some tat love.

Ok, that rocks.

I didn't see a deathclaw tat, which surprised me. No NCR, Tunnel Snakes, or Kings emblems, either...but the internet is a vast, vast wasteland. They're out there. Somewhere.

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